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Taking the lead on car charging

The Government have committed to eliminating sales of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 – we have just under 7 years to get ready for the change to a more sustainable transport system in the UK’

Podpoint Twin Charger

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Serving the Essex Com

For over 20 years, EV Electrical has been striving to help reduce C02 emissions in Saffron Walden, Dunmow, Essex and the surrounding London area - through the development and installation of energy-saving equipment.

With the new and urgent challenge to switch to electric vehicles, we intend to play our part in this exciting and important transition away from fossil fuels and build the infrastructure needed to give customers the confidence to take up ‘going electric’ as a natural next vehicle.

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We’ve got the power! – There is enough spare capacity on the existing generation and national grid to charge many millions of EV’s – what is lacking are the charge points – our vision is to help roll out these vital bits of the transitional jigsaw. Our team provides electric vehicle charger installations to domestic and commercial clients across the area.

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EV Electrical recently installed an electic vehicle charging point at my business premises and it was done promptly and professionally. Their team helped us apply for a free charging point government grant.

You book a meeting

One of our engineers will visit your property, measure up, discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote and advice.

We install

The EV Electrical team will make a fast and tidy installation based on your requirements.

You make a difference

You smile knowing that your efforts are making a difference in the world that will benefit our planet.

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