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The EV Team went to Fully Charged Live on Friday

For those of you that are new to the Electric Vehicle Arena - Fully Charged is a long standing and highly successful YouTube channel devoted to all things electric - it has now come out of the internet and into full on 'motor and tech' shows all over the the world....

Click here to visit their new Website and to see some of the amazing advances in both vehicles, charging infrastructure, solar and even battery storage integration.

At EV we pride ourselves on being your local EV charging experts - and so visiting events like this allows us to keep up to date with all the latest innovations - so we can pass on that knowledge and give you - our customer the very best advice - We won't lie - we also had a lot of FUN at the show and met up with many like minded folk and many of our suppliers.

Whether you are just looking at getting your first fully electric vehicle, or a plug in hybrid, solar, batteries, chargers for your home or workplace - we are here to offer free impartial advice on what may be your best options.

With a wealth of practical and technical experience and our new showroom and offices in Great Dunmow - you are welcome to drop by and pick our brains any time (we need to be open though!)

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