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Smart EV Charging

Easee Charger


The Easee One is an innovative electric vehicle-charging point designed to make charging your EV the simplest and most convenient experience. This revolutionary device is suitable for parking areas, homes, workplaces and more; making it an all-in-one solution wherever you may be.


It supports both single-phase and three-phase charge points, with a maximum power output of 22kw which enables fast charging speeds allowing you to enjoy long drives with shorter charge times. Featuring built-in 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world, you can get peace of mind knowing that your ET is always safely connected during charging.


The Easee One's illuminated display and shake alerts will let you know when your car is connected and ready to charge as well as providing convenient charging status notifications. With all these features put together, this charged point makes the perfect addition to any home or workplace wanting great performance combined with modern design and superior safety protection.






  • Design
    Designer Mandy Simpson David Simpson Materials Anodised Aluminium Painted Die Cast Aluminium Plastic ASA-PC Accoya Wood Weight 3.3 kg Dimensions H: 286 x W: 196 x D: 111 (mm)
  • Power
    Power Number of phases: 1 and 3 phases** Charging Current: 1.4- 7.4 kW (6A to 32A Per Phase) Connection Connection: Type 2 socket Power Management Dynamic fuse local grid management*** Multi chargepoint load management Power Management Accuracy of built in energy meters (+2%)
  • Safety
    Protection Systems Patent pending S1 advanced safety system. Built-in RCD protection 30 mA AC/ 6 mA DC Integrated overload protection according to Loss of PEN protection Welded contact detection Thermal protection system Security Features WiFi: WEP. WPA. WPA2 Connection Security: Secure data encryption PIN Code Bluetooth connection EU hosted datacentre
  • Features
    Software Features Quik Connect app system Bluetooth app light control House fuse protection Smart scheduling Solar charging Override boost charge Off-peak charging Hardware Features Courtesy lights around plug sockets* Charge override button Discreet Status LED Tethered cable locking mode Features Updates Feature updates via Wi-Fi Software updates via Wi-Fi Compatible Accessories Self charging wireless power monitor module for dynamic fuse and solar charging
  • Connectivity
    Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz b/g/n connection SP Wireless Connect * Software Connectivity Command Centre App Open API
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