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Smart & Stylish EV Charging

Andersen A2 Charger

Anderson A2

The Anderson A2 EV Charging Point is an exciting new tool designed to make managing and powering electric vehicles more efficient and convenient. Its sleek, minimalist design allows it to blend in easily on any exterior while its durable construction ensures it will hold up well against the elements.


Plus, thanks to dedicated mobile app controllers and Bluetooth components, users can control and monitor the charging process from anywhere. Utilizing advanced algorithms and AI technology, the Anderson A2 EV Charging Point smartly adjusts power levels in real-time so that electricity costs never exceed the user's budget. Its intelligent features make it the perfect device for anyone wanting to save money while providing quick and easy access to their vehicle's renewable energy source.






  • Design
    Designer Mandy Simpson David Simpson Materials Anodised Aluminium Painted Die Cast Aluminium Plastic ASA-PC Accoya Wood Weight 3.3 kg Dimensions H: 286 x W: 196 x D: 111 (mm)
  • Power
    Power Number of phases: 1 and 3 phases** Charging Current: 1.4- 7.4 kW (6A to 32A Per Phase) Connection Connection: Type 2 socket Power Management Dynamic fuse local grid management*** Multi chargepoint load management Power Management Accuracy of built in energy meters (+2%)
  • Safety
    Protection Systems Patent pending S1 advanced safety system. Built-in RCD protection 30 mA AC/ 6 mA DC Integrated overload protection according to Loss of PEN protection Welded contact detection Thermal protection system Security Features WiFi: WEP. WPA. WPA2 Connection Security: Secure data encryption PIN Code Bluetooth connection EU hosted datacentre
  • Features
    Software Features Quik Connect app system Bluetooth app light control House fuse protection Smart scheduling Solar charging Override boost charge Off-peak charging Hardware Features Courtesy lights around plug sockets* Charge override button Discreet Status LED Tethered cable locking mode Features Updates Feature updates via Wi-Fi Software updates via Wi-Fi Compatible Accessories Self charging wireless power monitor module for dynamic fuse and solar charging
  • Connectivity
    Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz b/g/n connection SP Wireless Connect * Software Connectivity Command Centre App Open API
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